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2020 Common Criteria Statistics Report

2020 Common Criteria Statistics Report

Majority of CC certifications by the Italian scheme was delivered by CCLab


We are proud to share that 7 out of the 12 Common Criteria certifications in 2020 under the Italian scheme (OCSI) were issued based upon CCLab evaluations. 2020 was an unusual year in the business world due to the pandemic caused by COVID19. However, for the CC community and also for CCLab it was a successful year looking at the number of Common Criteria certifications achieved.


2020 was the second-best year ever since the international Common Criteria methodology was created with 388 certified products. In total, 187 high assurance evaluations (EAL4-EAL7) were carried out. Among those, we can find 72 EAL4 evaluations, 84 EAL5 evaluations, 30 EAL6 evaluations, and 1 EAL7 evaluation. Here we can mention that 6 out of the 72 EAL4 evaluations were delivered by CCLab.


A total of 82 products were certified using low assurance evaluations (EAL1-EAL3). The most frequent low assurance level was EAL2, with 57 certifications. CCLab delivered 1 of these in 2020.


On the other hand, the trend to use Protection Profiles on evaluations has been even larger in 2020. In total, 119 products were certified with a Protection Profile without assigned EAL. (Source: 2020 Common Criteria Statistics Report)


We are pleased to announce that CCLab helped to achieve 7 Common Criteria certifications for 4 customers, among which 2 (ID & Trust and I4P Informatics Ltd.) were returning customers.


The following 7 Common Criteria evaluations by CCLab were deemed to be worthwhile by OCSI with a certificate in 2020:


Developer: Forcepoint 
26 May 2020
Assurance level CC: EAL4 + ALC_FLR.2
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Developer: I4P-informatikai Kft. (I4P Informatics Ltd.)
2 September 2020
Assurance level CC: EAL4 + AVA_VAN.5, ALC_FLR.3
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Developer: Nutanix, Inc.
9 October 2020
Assurance level CC: EAL2 + ALC_FLR.2
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Developer: ID & Trust Ltd.
28 October 2020
Assurance level CC: EAL4 +
Read more HERE


Congratulations to our respected clients for the successful product certifications and we also look forward to future collaborations.