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ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Conference

2020. 12. 18.

Panel discussion about the experiences from ENISA ahWGs and TGs.  Members from the Ad Hoc Working Groups on EU Cybersecurity Certification and their respective Thematic Groups will present and discuss lessons learnt. 

ONLINE Training: "Cybersecurity of Medical Devices"

2020. 11. 24.

Quality Management Director, Chief Information Security Officer, Mr. György Arató will present at the open training course on "Cybersecurity of Medical Devices".

ICCC 2020 Conference (ONLINE)

2020. 11. 16.

“The changes of change management” will be presented by our CTO, Mr. Gábor HORNYÁK.

ICS Webinar (ONLINE)

2020. 10. 30.

New machinery directive with cybersecurity, presented by Sales Manager, Mr. Jonatan Bodo.

Workshop - "Cybersecurity of Autonomous Vehicles"

2020. 10. 26.

Our, CTO Mr. Gábor HORNYÁK's presentation: "Cyber ​​security certifications in Europe" can be listened to during the afternoon session.

ISCI (International Security Certification Initiative) WG1 meeting

2020. 06. 18.

The next ISCI WG1 meeting was supposed to be held in Budapest.

ITSC (Information Technology Security Center) meeting

2020. 06. 17.

Our CTO will be attending and hosting ITSC meeting this June.

Meet our CTO in Munich

2020. 04. 16.

The second meeting of 2020 of ISCI WG1 will be held on the 16th of April in Munich.

Meet our CTO in Hamburg

2020. 02. 12.

The first meeting of 2020 of ISCI WG1 will be held on the 12th of February in Hamburg.

Swissmig Conference

2019. 11. 18.

Meet CCLAB's experts at the 6th Swiss Smart Metering Conference and Exhibition

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