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Common criteria


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Common criteria

Common Criteria

If you require a product Certificate under a National Scheme of Common Criteria, then you are at the right place.
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Why use Common Criteria Evulation?

Adds value

Builds trust

Brings independent verification

Verifies a complex secure value

An EAL4+ certification is achievable in 4 months

If you are not sure whether your product fits for a Common Criteria Certification, we offer Pre-evaluation services to prepare you for an Evaluation project, in order to avoid delays and additional costs during the certification process.

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  • Does it take time and effort?
  • Will it cost you?
  • Will it be worth it?

We can support you instantly and help you if you require a Certificate under a National Scheme, and look for an agile and expert evaluator team; or if you look for a CC expert, who can help you to get over the difficulties of certification.
We use AGILE METHODOLOGIES and toolsets imported from software development in project management and customer development. Thanks to our improved process and based on our experience.

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Protection Profiles and Products

Selection of Protection Profiles

  • EN 419 211-2
    (Secure signature creation device - Part 2: Device with key generation)
  • EN 419 211-3
    (Secure signature creation device - Part 3: “Device with key import”)
  • EN 419 211-4
    (Secure signature creation device - Part 4: “Extension for device with key generation and trusted communication with certificate generation application”)
  • EN 419 211-5
    (Secure signature creation device - Part 5: “Cryptographic Module for Trust Services”)
  • EN 419 211-6
    (Secure signature creation device - Part 6: Extension for device with key import and trusted communication with signature creation application)
  • EN 419 241-2
    (Trustworthy Systems Supporting Server Signing Part 2: Protection Profile for QSCD for Server Signing)
  • EN 419-221-5
    (Protection profiles for TSP Cryptographic modules - Part 5 Cryptographic Module for Trust Services)
  • BSI-CC-PP-0055
    (Machine Readable Travel Document with ICAO Application and Basic Access Control (MRTD-PP))
  • BSI-CC-PP-0056
    (Machine Readable Travel Document with ICAO Application, Extended Access Control (PP-MRTD EAC))
  • BSI-CC-PP-0068
    (Machine Readable Travel Document using Standard Inspection Procedure with PACE (PACE PP))
  • BSI-CC-PP-0084
    (Security IC Platform Protection Profile with Augmentation Packages)
  • BSI-CC-PP-0087
    (Machine-Readable Electronic Documents based on BSI TR-03110 for Official Use (MR.ED-PP))

Selection of Products

  • Identity Card Applets
  • EAC - PACE - AA - BAC
  • Electronic identification (EiD)
  • Java Card Open Platform (JCOP)
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • Signature Activation Module ( SAM)
  • Cryptographic Module (CM)
  • Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD)
  • Secure Signature Creation Device (SSCD)
  • Network device software, firmware
  • Firewall appliance