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Colours of CCLab

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Colours of CCLab
Colours of CCLab
Ágnes Utassy
Common Criteria evaluator

Ágnes Utassy

Why circuit boards? What could girls do with electronic devices? Is a broken motherboard just dirty and unhealthy garbage?


What others see as waste is the base material in my eyes.

My name is Ági and I have been making jewellery as a hobby since I was little, but in the past, I used only beads and everyday tools found in the house.

It all started with a storm when our phone broke down and I was free to use its printed circuit board. This is how the first two small square pendants were made without any painting or special pattern. A few weeks later, I got my first blue and red motherboard of my life.

Because I had already learned about the PCBs in the university at the time, I was interested in the complexity of the devices implemented with tiny components, and looking at the patterns I realized how varied the color and shape of a circuit pattern can be. I thought, "Why shouldn't these be worn as jewellery?"

A walk in the woods, a bus ride, or a friendly conversation can also inspire a new necklace, which can be made from a computer motherboard.

I have already used various printed circuits, resistors, acrylic paint, nail polish, gel polish, resin, tape, cord, leaves, flowers, rhinestone, pigment powders, mica powder, various wires, chains and suitable tools found in the workroom to make my jewelry, like drill, heat gun, saw, cutting shears, nail file, UV lamp and much more.

I think it is important that we can also give a new opportunity to things that would otherwise only pollute the environment. And it’s a special pleasure to be able to make others happy with those.