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Swiss Smart Metering

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Swiss Smart Metering

Smart Metering

Accurate data collection and data protection transfer are a must for smart meters. Smart metering devices need to be METAS certified in Switzerland. Get your METAS certification with our help.
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According to the Electricity Supply Ordinance (Stromversorgungsverordnung), Switzerland has taken a big step forward by standardizing the requirements for Smart Metering Environments thanks to thorough data security evaluation processes, METAS certificates carried out via independent verification by certified Laboratories.

CCLab has been involved in the preparation of procedures and security functionalities while supporting Swissmig community since the beginning, hence our continuous experience to deliver smart meter security evaluations and METAS certs professionally and quickly. We have pre-evaluated and certified a number of Head-End-Systems, Gateways and Smart Meters (IMS | Intelligent Measurement Devices | intelligenten Messsystems)

Find all of the necessary documents and information about swiss smart meter evaluations and METAS cert requirements in our FAQ section.
For up to date information and processes, see the Data Security Checks site of METAS certification.

METAS cert

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Our experts will guide you through the smart metering certification processes, such as:

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"Checklist for Swiss Smart Metering Cybersecurity Evaluations"

Swissmig Cyber security evaluation

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Our agile evaluation methodology is based on Common Criteria and strictly follows the latest version of “Die Prüfmetodologie zur Durchführung der Datensicherheitsprüfung für Smart Metering Komponentenin der Schweiz (Test Methodology for Execution of Data Security Evaluation of Swiss Smart Metering Components)for METAS certification, issued by SWISSMIG.

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"Die Prüfmetodologie"?