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Colours of CCLab

Colourful extraordinary team members of CCLab

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Colours of CCLab
Colours of CCLab
Gábor Hornyák
CTO & Head of Laboratory, Budapest

Gábor Hornyák

I got my first road bike for Christmas in 1995, it was a great Italian Atala deposited in the basement of my mom’s colleague. The next day I cycled from Veszprém to Ajka, to my cousins. It was a memorable trip, I immediately fell in love with it. When I moved to England at the end of the nineties, I did a lot of cycling there as well. Then, when I came to Budapest and started college, it was already clear that this form of transport would be the one for me.

Then I started working in Budaörs, I cycled to work each day. At that time,it was 40 km a day in all weather conditions except sleet. Believe it or not, you can get addicted to this also. After a while, I learned how to spin and choose my gear properly.

In 2010 the Recikli workshop appeared on Bartók Béla út. I immediately fell in love with it.I learned a lot there. For example how to go with a fixie, it is very instructive, you keep rolling, but the road experience is very direct, almost as if you were connected to the ground.

Then around 2012 I explored recumbent biking. I bought a home-made bike. This can also be seen in the picture, front wheel drive, front wheel steering. This is an excellent machine, I still have it today.

Then as time passed by, I got the machines of my dreams. I own the Recikli Bike of 2016, a Colnago C50, which I believe is the best country road bike ever built. I had to get used to the carbon stiffness a bit after a lot of Cro-Mo frames, but it is a super machine, less than 8 kg, low flying, isntead of rolling. This one has also been supported by CCLAB, as I use it for everyday commuting.

In 2018 I also found the best recumbent bike manufacturer in the world, located in Hungary, I got one of these: you need to know about this is described by Pupu in the article. Very good machine.

I usually ride this, a Colnago, and a Brompton. A Brompton is the tip of folding bikes.

With this, I believe I got the best bicycles of the world in my garage.. :-)

While our offices were located in our previous location, I used to ride approx. 200km a week between work and home, that was two hours a day, approx. 8000 km a year. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks during this time, as that still allows to hear the traffic. Now, as we are based on Váci út, the distance reduced to 5,000 km yearly, and with the COVID restrictions, I am in a bit of trouble, as I have to find a substitute now...